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Why European Era?

A new era of quality internships with bespoke services.

About us

Intermediary host company specializing in international mobility with over 30 years of vocational educational experience.

Málaga office

Our office is located in Malaga, Spain. In Europe we work with Colleges, Universities, Government employment agencies and non government agencies

Erasmus+ Team

In the framework of Erasmus+ and other mobility programs, we host VET students and staff, graduates, youth and professionals, willing to gain practice and experience, meet new people, explore different cultures and feel the advantages of international mobility. We can accommodate all vocational areas. We host groups and individuals in the following programmes: KA 1, KA 2, and KA 3.

International Support Team

We support the exchange, through pre-mobility blended learning courses, language courses, career workshops and cultural activities which in turn lend themselves to the transfer of innovation and skills right across the EU.

Our Team

First-class Honours Graduate in Economy and Business Administration at the University of Vic and with a Masters in Sustainable Tourism at the “Universitat Oberta de Catalunya”. Completing his Masters in Tourism has given Ricard an in-depth knowledge of the Malaga region which has benefited him greatly in his role as Manager of European Era.

 After graduating from College Ricard was employed by one of the main international companies supplying products to the sports industry. He started his career in the logistics department dealing with several projects and was quickly promoted to management where he led teams in different European countries.

Ricard took a career break and travelled around South America for more than 2 years participating in various volunteer work and international projects in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Chile. He worked in language schools, hotel and hostel accommodation. Ricard made a decision to follow his passion for tourism and follow his keen interest in helping people and joined European Era as a project manager. He used his project management skills to quickly establish European Era as one of the premier Erasmus placement companies in Europe attracting students from many different countries. Under his leadership, European Era will always provide a personalised service with great attention to detail for both students and staff

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