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Conflict resolution

Empowering Educators with Mindfulness: Enhancing Conflict Resolution Skills

Course Description

Conflict is a natural part of life, especially in the educational setting, and here we will learn effective strategies to approach it positively and constructively. Through coaching sessions, we will share practical tools and techniques to address interpersonal challenges and improve communication in the classroom and school. Moreover, we will explore the significance of mindfulness in teaching and how to integrate mindfulness practices into our daily routines. Mindfulness empowers us to manage stress, enhance focus, and foster greater empathy and understanding towards our students and colleagues.

In this course, you will find a supportive and collaborative environment where educators can share experiences and learn together. By the end of the course, you will gain valuable tools to enhance conflict resolution skills and promote a harmonious and enriching school environment.
Join us for this transformative experience!

Learning outcomes Leadership

The course will help the participants to:

  • Acknowledge the development opportunities hidden in conflict.
  • Recognize the emotions active behind the conflict.
    Create space for self-expression and communication.
  • Apply the fundamental principles of Non-Violent Communication.
  • Manage conflict in unpleasant situations.
  • Adopting new techniques for working with students to practice emotional control and empower individuals to overcome everyday stress.
  • Introducing techniques aimed to enhance self-control and self-management of attention for more successful learning.
  • Using innovative techniques for empowering teachers in working with students.
  • Developing personal techniques for working with students.
  • Exchanging experiences and examples of good practice in a multicultural context.
Nicole Schindler employs innovative techniques and strategies to foster a dynamic learning environment that includes active and cooperative learning. In her courses, she considers visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners, adapting her methods to accommodate the diverse learning styles and abilities of her audience. 

Additionally, she is passionate about integrating two powerful assets into her teaching – games and art – to enable participants to practically experience the theory while enjoying themselves. This approach proves highly effective in the realms of education and communication.

Areas of Growth for the participants

  • Educators will master communication skills, including active listening, concise speaking, and positive non-verbal cues for conveying enthusiasm. Constructive student feedback will be consistent.

  • They’ll deliver engaging instructions to keep students involved and manage classrooms empathically for a conducive learning atmosphere.

  • Educators will develop objective self-reflection, using self-analysis to enhance self-awareness and adapting to feedback for classroom adjustments.

  • They’ll update knowledge, explore new teaching methods, and prioritize individualized instruction for inclusive, personalized education.

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