International internships

European Era is a modern intermediary company with 30 years of experience in managing and implementing internships.

An international internship is a unique experience that enhances your employability. The experience of working with people from different cultures and backgrounds adds greatly to your professional career. Participants often reference their experience abroad both professionally and personally, many years later.

European Era offers excellent international internships in Málaga, Spain. This gives the participants an opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture, improve their foreign language skills, learn new skills, work in a different country, and enhance their resume. Apply now and start building your future!

Internship Process

  1. Internship preparation: First, we will help you create your new resume and Linkedin profile, preparing you for upcoming internship interviews.
  2. Host company sourcing: Next, we will discuss your case with potential host companies in your industry and find the best-matching placement opportunities for you.
  3. Host company interview: Then, we will organize your internship interview where you will get to meet your potential host company.
  4. Placement confirmation: After your interview, if you and the host company agree to proceed, we wil finalize your placement and then you begin!

Why should you do your internship in Malaga

Málaga is considered the most cosmopolitan city in the South of Spain, where excellent workplace opportunities are waiting to be explored!

The city boasts 320 days of sunshine each year, making it the sunniest place in Spain, with annual average temperatures of 18.5 °C. Málaga is a major tourist destination with its sandy beaches, water sports, rich architectural history, Mediterranean cuisine, and friendly local people.

There could be no better place to discover and embrace authentic Spanish culture during your Erasmus. Málaga embodies Spanish traditions in multiple aspects.