International Internships

European Era provides a comprehensive service that takes all of the stress out of finding an internship in Malaga. We support you 24/7 with your visa application (if required) documentation, internship placement, accommodation, cultural program, and language support airport transfers. Our internship placements and accommodation are of an exceptionally high standard. 

The company has a long tradition in offering International Internships and places a great emphasis on getting to know each candidate individually to ensure that the placement is a good match. 


Our team has vast experience in writing Erasmus+ applications. We have an excellent track record of developing and submitting high-quality funding applications that score highly and thus secure funding contracts for our clients. We work with our clients to create high-quality projects with learner-centered objectives and outcomes. 

European Era provides a tailored service, and all applications are written from scratch to ensure the applicant organization’s ethos, aims, key strengths, and organizational capacity. Once funding is secured, the project is realistic, achievable, and manageable.


The Applicant organization, VET school, or College applies to the National Erasmus Agency of the country for funding to complete a mobility project. The closing date is generally the first week in February, and results are available in May or June. The duration for VET mobility students ranges from 2 weeks to 3 months. European Era will help you with the application and has a success rate of over 90%.

Schools and Colleges work with an Intermediate Agency whose expertise is essential in finding suitable accommodation, matching student profiles with the needs of companies, and assisting in all administrative procedures. European Era will take full charge of the group from arriving at the airport until they depart.

Students engage in work placement and cultural activities and attend classes to improve their English or Spanish skills. European Era staff have vast experience managing and implementing individual mobilities, courses, job-shadowing, work placements, internships, and training projects.

Europea Era has a close professional relationship with different organizations, such as educational organizations, schools, VET, business centers, companies, social organizations, and industrial networks, and collaborates to create, maintain, promote and implement high-quality training and educational projects.

We monitor the technical and personal development of the participants in the host companies. Simultaneously, we take care of all the mobility programs’ administrative management and financial conditions.

European Era certifies both staff and student mobilities via placement and training certificates, certification of attendance, Europass, ECVET, and any other document required by partner organizations.