Inspire, Engage, Transform: Professional Development for Educators

Inspire, Engage, Transform: Professional Development for Educators

Europeanera together with Delia Rosca, present 3 transformative courses designed for educators, unified by the application of psychodrama and positive psychology, tailored to enhance classroom engagement and educator effectiveness.

1. Zest Up

Zest Up Edu! aims to invigorate educators’ passion and motivation, equipping them with strategies to embrace their professional roles wholeheartedly. Through experiential learning, participants will explore how to integrate zest into their teaching, fostering an environment where they can thrive and inspire. Download presentation

2. Group Dynamics – Co-Creating Togetherness

  1. Group Dynamics – Co-Creating Togetherness – delves into the nuances of group life cycles and dynamics, emphasizing the creation of inclusive educational settings. The course offers insights into forming safe and cohesive learning spaces, enabling educators to facilitate a supportive group atmosphere conducive to shared success. Download presentation

3. Trauma Informed
Approach for Edu

Trauma Informed Approach for Edu – addresses the critical need for trauma-aware teaching methods. Participants will learn to adopt compassionate and informed strategies, enhancing their ability to support and engage students affected by trauma, thereby fostering a nurturing, and understanding classroom environment. Download presentation

These courses aim to empower educators with the knowledge and tools to enhance their teaching methodologies, create inclusive and supportive classroom environments, and approach their roles with renewed zest and understanding, making a significant impact on their students’ learning experiences.

As the facilitator of these transformative courses and a seasoned psychotherapist, Delia Rosca ( leverages her extensive experience from leading roles in multinational companies like Citibank and Erste Bank to co-found a community-focused NGO.

Her mission is to nurture resilient communities through self-awareness, psychological education, and trauma-informed leadership programs. With qualifications in clinical psychology, psychodrama, cognitive behavioral therapy, and sociodrama, she excels in conducting workshops on self-discovery, soft skills, and leadership.

Currently, Delia ( is at the forefront of developing and delivering cutting-edge training in trauma-informed and ethical leadership and trauma-informed education.

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