Language Courses

Each group can benefit from intensive English or Spanish course provided by European Era.

Experienced tutors will be on hand to engage groups with modern teaching and learning methodologies. We provide all necessary learning materials. Each student will receive a language certificate with the level attained stated on it.

All students will have to opportunity to take part in pre-mobility language orientation course conducted through our online learning platform.

European Era offers language tuition and conversation practice, ranging from classes for complete beginners to professional and vocationally specific tuition for advanced speakers in Spanish and English.  We can also provide bespoke group or one-to-one tuition on request.

All our Erasmus+ learners also have access to the Erasmus+ Online Language Service (OLS) for their destination country.  OLS provides the opportunity for learners to assess their level and follow an online course to improve their skills in the foreign language they will use to study, work or volunteer abroad We do recommend you participate in these sessions as they also enable you to meet local people and enrich your social and cultural experience during your time abroad.